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Most Americans who are concerned about achieving financial independence or preparing for retirement have been lured into investing in real estate and/or contributing pre-tax dollars into 401(k) plans or tax deductible IRAs.  Many have seen these assets loose 10 to 50 percent in value over the past year and a half!  Such plans may have given savers and investors a false sense of security.  When you consider these investments, ask yourself three critical questions:

  ·  How liquid is my money?  Can I get my money when I need it?
  ·  How safe is my money?  Is my money safe from loss of principal?
  ·  What rate of return could I expect to experience?

Like most people, were you primarily concerned about the return you wanted to achieve?

Understanding these three key elements of a prudent investment—liquidity, safety and rate of return (in that order of importance)—is critical to navigating through these turbulent times.  Come and learn from New York Times Best-selling author Douglas R. Andrew how to:

  ·  Protect yourself against real estate and stock market down turns 
  ·  Prevent future losses
  ·  Lock in future gains
  ·  Prevent foreclosure
  ·  Increase liquidity, safety, and rate of return
  ·  Regain choice and control
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